Google stopped the messaging app Allo

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In step available from the company Google today announced the stop application of the correspondence Allo Permanently in the month of March, where it had ceased investment operations and application support in April, giving the opportunity to users to notify about the future is inevitable to investigate to replace it with another application or a compensation application and Google other correspondence, he justified the head of Google group to connect to Anil Sabharwal on the exploitation of Allo among the series of its applications; in being not up to the desired by the company.

In noted the company in its announcement also to the application of their conversation and other communications to you periodically developed in line with the needs of users and conducting collaborative partnerships with corporate communications to deliver a messaging service integrated application Messages, in addition to talk about modern design to develop to communicate the Hangout and display experience different to the Classic where the most of the work of the company in a Google Hangout on workers and users in institutions, noted Google that every Hangout Chat وHangout Meet will be available for general users at a later stage.

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