Google stopped booking Uber directly via its maps on Android

If you are using Google Maps to navigate to places through the service of aweber, you will need to go back to the Uber app to complete the reservation, where it is no longer for both great integration with each other on the devices operating system running Android.

The feature is extremely useful given that a large number of users are using Google Maps, a service that know the possibility to request a ride without the need to move to the Uber app where it uses the Google Maps coordinates of your location in addition to the destination specified to obtain the details of the booking.

Stopped the Google book uber from its maps for iOS last summer, and now it seems that role has come on the Android system, The reason is likely the end of the integration between the two services is the expiration of the agreement, which combines Google our.

Stopped uber from using Google Maps in their application, the company develops self-driving cars to compete against Amy and owned by Google.

And still have the Uber presence of the specific material on Google Maps operating systems for iOS and Android, however will allow you to map service to search for routes and then transition back to the Uber app request ride and thus ending support won’t be a large loss because Google Maps still direct you to the Uber app now.

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