Google stop studio film industry phones technology 360-degree “Spotlight Stories”

قوقل توقف استديو صناعة أفلام الهواتف بتقنية 360 درجة Spotlight Stories

Announced Google stop studio filmmaking comic Spotlight Stories ” stories under the light” on the assessment of 360-degree phones and virtual reality glasses after 6 years of operation and displayed on platforms running different video that included YouTube.

Where came the company’s announcement to stop it via the speech Link site Variety after a relatively short period of its launch cost was Issue 13 so was including the cartoon series the famous The Simpsons movie Isle of dogs “Ilse of Dogs” and Peal Academy Award-winning disarm the movie anime short 2017 in addition to Special Delivery.

And across the company in a letter dispensing with the services of a studio Spotlight Stories of pride in the work that has been accomplished over the years, the work of the six; but at the same time I didn’t remember any of the reasons that pushed her to make a decision by sudden death.

As for the staff they are inclined orientations to view the Google mutual benefits to them under the sections of the other company which will be limited to official staff in particular, do not include those contracted for specific time periods.

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