Google stop development of new versions of tablet devices

Confirmed report Rick Osterloh the company plans the next Google to abandon the develop new versions of devices Pixel the tablet, that the company will continue to develop their versions of the phones Pixel during the coming period.

Available Google in the coming period for the development and production of tablet devices running Chrome OS or system landed also, as confirmed Osterloh agreed that the Working Group will be to focus on the development of computers only during the next period.

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He also confirmed the company Google on its commitment towards the users and the institutions used their tablets in the educational purposes that are running Android and Chrome OS, also Google confirmed its commitment towards its partners from the hardware manufacturers tablet, so is expected according to the statements of Osterloh to pick up the Google update the devices Pixel Slate the long-term.

The comments came Osterloh recent response to what you posted earlier about the plans on development of suitable iPad from Apple, as was also pointed out that Google already stopped for the development and production of two of its devices to the tablet, so Google decided to issue official statements explaining their future plans for each of the devices Pixelbook, the وPixel Slate.


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