Google starts activating the autoplay of the videos on the YouTube application

The gate Arab News Technical The Gate Arab News Technical

Think Company Google launch a new feature for the mobile app of a video sharing service YouTube to play videos on the main page of the application automatically while browsing, to be that the sound is muffled and the annex to the working sub titles if available.

Although this feature is available for the paid version of the YouTube Premium months ago, however, Google has now started the launch to users of YouTube application free.

The company says it’s offering this feature in response to a request from users that they believe will help them make their decisions better on video playback, if the preview is compelling, the time you will spend in watching the video would be longer.

It is indicated that this feature started appearing about a year ago for some users under the name “run and you’re surfing the” Play as you browse, which can be activated always or during the Connect to the Wi-Fi only or disable them always. Now it seems that it will stop everyone by default.

Also referred to that the operation of the automatic video will not be immediate, it starts after about two seconds of stop at one video, and video clip to be in the center of the screen only. With regard to the dangers of consumption data, lost Google said that the automation will consume the least possible amount of data.

The gate Arab News Technical Google starts activating the autoplay of the videos on the YouTube application

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