Google started to test an update to Android through Google Play

Rumors about Google plans to raise the profile of Google Play in the lives of users by the dissemination through it of updates for Android were not just rumors. Most likely, this idea will be realised with the release of Android Q, which is currently in beta testing. This was confirmed by the participants of the early access program, which has already managed to try out a new updating mechanism of the operating system itself.

That Android updates was used Google Play, informed user of the website Reddit, is a member of the pre-testing Android Q. He noticed that now the download notifications from the system was similar to updating apps. According to him, at the point of notification appears with the progress bar loading, characteristic for programs downloaded from the directory with the option to stop the download process.

Update Android via Google Play

Sorry, this screenshot is the only proof that in the Android Q system updates will be distributed via Google Play. After the download is complete, the author was unable to detect any changes that, in theory, was supposed to happen with Google Play or system menu updates. Most likely, this is due to the fact that Google is still testing different ways of loading updates, studying the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Personally, I do not believe that the implementation of the update mechanism in Google Play any impact on ordinary users. Most of them have not seen the updates before, so it will not see them in the future. The only one who can appreciate the coming innovation will be smartphone users Pixel. But even they are unlikely to feel any benefits from what is now possible in real time to monitor the download progress.

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