Google started to promote substitutes for their apps through Google Play

Last summer, Google was found guilty of creating a monopoly by embedding Android OS in their apps. The European Commission fined the company $ 5 billion, and ordered her to allow users to choose a browser and search engine, not to force them to use the brand development. Subject to the requirement of the Ministry, at first, Google removed from Android all your apps, starting to distribute them for a fee, but now added in Google Play section with third-party browsers and search engines.

Since the European Commission only applies to Europe, and access topics to get users from countries outside the European Union. It will include a list of several browsers and search engines that you can install on your smartphone or tablet for future use by default. At the moment it is not entirely clear on what basis the system is built recommendations. Most likely, the apps appear in the list in random order.

Counterparts Google apps

But it is not necessary to search the section with the applications that are substitutes to Google Play manually. So the European Commission did not have any claims, when you first log into Chrome it will recommend users to choose another browser or search engine. It is assumed that in this way Google will be able to consider the preferences of all users, instead of imposing proprietary software, giving independent developers the chance to become famous.

In General, the requirement that the European Commission sued Google, looks humiliating. Why, one wonders, a company that has spent tens, maybe even hundreds of millions of dollars to develop its own operating system and applications is to promote their less successful competitors? But unfortunately, current laws are such that to be successful today is even less profitable than the loser have to bail — who would have thought — its direct competitors.
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