Google spoke about the plans to transfer Google Play to the new architecture

Google released a warning to developers, who recalled that the applications that are available in Google Play, needs to support 64-bit architecture. The new requirement takes effect in August of this year and applies to all software and games from the range of branded catalogue search giant. In case of disobedience to the request, application developers, without the support of 64-bit wide waiting for trouble.

Android received support for 64-bit architecture in version 5.0 Lollipop, which was released in 2014, however, the rule begin to produce applications with the same bitness appeared only in 2017. But even then, Google is very loyal to those who ignored the new rule, allowing not to consider it as a requirement, but rather as a recommendation or advice, failure to follow who was not any sanctions. But now everything will be much stricter.

What will happen to 32-bit software in Google Play

Despite the fact that now all apps must be 64-bit Google at the same time insists on maintaining a 32-bit wide. So in mountain view I expect to make a planned transition is more noticeable to users who continue to use devices that run on processors with outdated architecture.

The final rejection 32-bit software will take place in August 2021. By that time, Google calculates the 32-bit device will disappear as a class, and therefore will not create obstacles to the improvement of the range of Google Play.

Interestingly, Apple has already implemented a similar reshuffle, which, I must say, went pretty smoothly. The vast majority of developers in unison move their apps to 64-bit architecture, thus helped increase their performance on modern iPhone and iPad.

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