Google sold less than 4 million phone pixel last year

بكسل قوقل

بكسل قوقل

Stated Google when advertising their financial statements recent shipments of phones pixel 2 may have doubled from last year, without revealing the exact figures, but statistical reports to the effect that the company’s shipments of phones pixels amounted to 3.9 million copies last year.

These shipments only a very small part of the market share represented a significant Android phones, but Google is well aware that its journey to dominate the world has for years especially the phones and the pixels come category leading that you can’t afford a lot of segments of consumers buy them, and in turn does not provide them in sufficient quantities in most markets.

It remains the case best of the phone Essentials that barely reached his shipments 88 thousand units , despite of that it comes the benefits and unique design is a company founded by the founder of Android itself.

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