Google signed the death certificate last for apps that supports architecture 32bit


The company Google has now begun the task of cleaning, fear of August 1, 2019, the company will not accept applications or new updates for apps that don’t support processors that use the architecture 64bit. However, you can still download the older versions of these applications. Note that it will be released games created using the engine Unity 5.6 or older version of it so that they will be able developers updated after the date mentioned above.

It is worth mentioning that it can also update the application that supports the architecture of 32bit, but it won’t work on phones that use the Android System-9 Pie or a higher version. Given that we’ll see several new smartphones reach the market, with system Android 9 Pie this year, you’ll be better for developers to update their apps to support processors based on the architecture 64bit.

Also, starting from August 1, 2021, will depend the Google Play Store for offering apps that do not support architecture 64Bit, this for for new phones. When it comes to old phones that support architectural 32bit, you’ll still able to download apps, although we believe they will be very old by that time, the company Google is moving into the architectural 64bit since the year 2015.

Will not be affected by my system WearOS and Android TV this change is because the devices that use these systems are still stuck with architecture 32bit at the moment.


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