Google shut down the Google app but at the same time officially today

Stop Google Inc officially released today the application of the talks, but at the same time, it also suggests users switch to Android Messages.

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Google announced the closure of the application of Allo today officially, as shown on the official page of the proposal for users to turn to the application of the correspondence Android Messages.

Have stopped Google from updating the application of Allo since January of last year, and then announced in the month of December from the end of last year about its plans to close the app permanently.

Projections indicate that Google aims to expand the application of Android Messages during the next period, where still the app is not available in large scale until now.

The application Allo one of the apps that came from Google through 2016 with artificial intelligence, as also revealed during the event on the Assistant virtual for the first time, which came as an update for Google Now that fixating on the received voice commands, where the targeted Google Assistant Siri.

Has turned Google in the recent period to integrate the advantages of the application of Allo to the application of the correspondence Android Messages are also eager to support application features such as proposals to respond to messages, or also though best suited in the talks, along with a set of stickers to develop the browser.


I know of

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