Google shows us the initial designs for the Google Pixel 2 in an interview with the Chairperson of the design


Conducted official Google blog the interview with the key stakeholders that were behind phones Google Pixel 2 of the new products Google other. Here’s a rare look behind the scenes and some of the facts Why was the design of some products Google as they are now.

Says Ivy Ross, a key stakeholders in the company Google that the most important principle in the design is ” human “. By that she means that the design companies need to be balanced with flexibility and texture. This led to the use of Google for new phones Google Pixel 2 new approaches in other devices such as a Google Home Mini and Google Daydream View.

Of course, Protective Covers designed for phones Google Pixel 2 also includes women which makes them provide feel comfortable and soft. But dealing with cloth was not easy. For example, the process of the development of the smart speaker Google Home Mini required to provide the audio experience a distinctive and simple design.

Check below designs Google Pixel primary 2, various Google products, as well as the types of women that I tried to Google company to use in its devices.

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