Google showed unusual case for portrait photography

To Google Pixel 3, developers the search giant rethink the technique of creating portraits, replacing the software neural network, which is able to adjust the camera under one of the scenarios, but to create them yourself depending on the shooting conditions. This allowed to significantly improve the quality of the background blur even with a wide-angle camera without having to pick up the smartphones more telephoto.

Despite the fact that the algorithms responsible for creating portrait photos in the smartphones of previous generations worked well enough, Google has decided that they are far from ideal when it comes to quality determine the depth of the frame. It was therefore decided to make a new smart camera Pixel. Especially for this the developers have designed a unique cover that can accommodate five devices Google Pixel located with a slight offset from each other.

Shooting with parallax effect

With this case, Google was able to simultaneously do five frames, which later were combined and the shift form the parallax effect. Subsequently, these data were processed by a neural network, understanding how it is formed, the depth of the frame. With this knowledge Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL are now able to do portrait shots, which is the level of detail and quality of background blur close to professional.

Studies that Google conducts in this area are of great importance for the entire industry. The search giant first proved that creating portrait images possible even without the use of a telephoto lens, pushing to implement a similar technology to Apple, and added the resulting developments in the application “Google Photos”. Thanks to them, users can manually increase or decrease the intensity of the background blur is already in the final photograph, which on many smartphones simply do not have.

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