Google set to design her assistant and soon to be on the dark mode

قوقل تُعيد تصميم مساعدها وقريبًا سيحصل على الوضع المُظلم

After the test period lasted several weeks, announced Google on the re-design her personal assistant in Android, although the basic functions of the assistant stayed as it is, only that design which has been revamped gives the app the appearance of a style unique, which now includes this new design visitors to the gifts round to all the buttons, as there are changes in the arrangement of buttons, where each button of exploration and button color are in the bottom row of the main interface and on the far right and the far left in order.

However there are some changes which may bother some users, where each of the button Lens Google “Google Lens” and symbols of the keyboard very close to the microphone, and when you click on the microphone icon will take you to choose between button Google Lens and symbols of the keyboard, and here you need to click the microphone icon again to choose the Lens or the keyboard.

On the other hand, all changes of the former are available in the Google update 8.5 for all users, with the release of Google 9.0 “demo”, here you add the task, which is to support the theme The Dark, where they observed users having the background black and text white, that this situation is triggered in the case of running the battery saving mode, or in the case of turn on Night Mode in the Android version 9.0.

Finally as mentioned previously the Re-Design Assistant Google is available to all users, while the dark mode is in the demo version, it is not certain whether it will launch this add-in official update or not.

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