Google separates my service drive and sound next month

To simplify things even more and the ambiguity situation users have listened to Google the complaints and decided to disconnect my service drive and Google image, and therefore the content you refuse to drive of photos and videos won’t appear within the photo service Google with they share the same storage space.

Thus you will be able to raise your photos and videos in each place separately and will not appear in the other place, and here a cloud storage service OneDrive and sync and store photos Google Photos.

How to delete the content will not be synced between the two services, meaning if you delete a photo from one of the services will not be automatically deleted from the other service.

It will provide Google the option to copy the content from the drive to the service Google Image via new option called upload from Drive will be on the service location Google image to be able to through the lifting of what you want from the photos and videos to the service drive. Thus you will have two copies of each file every copy service, separate from each other, any amendments to it or delete any copies will not affect development on the other.

This separation between the two services will be applied the next month and will not delete anything automatically with the first implementation, but then will not update the folder ‘Google Photos’ in the service drive, new images that you attach to it.

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