Google says the war against audits and assessments, fake on the Google Play Store


Reviews are important especially in current times where we purchase many products via the internet, which means that what people are saying about a particular product is important because it may affect our decision to proceed with the procurement process. This is the reason that prompted Google to take strict actions against comments and ratings pseudo on the Google Play Store.

In a publication on its official website on the internet, said Google Inc, said : ” assessments and reviews Google Play Store is extremely important in helping users determine which applications to install. Unfortunately, can reduce the reviews are fake and misleading of the users ‘ confidence in these assessments. Is user confidence is a top priority for us on the Google Play Store, we work constantly to make sure not to manipulate the ratings and reviews that appear in our store “.

Like many of the actual products, reviews and evaluations of applications is also important because it lets users know if the app they downloaded or purchased is worth it. There are many applications that don’t necessarily work as advertised, or may be some of those apps are malicious apps to address the increase in normal apps, so the reviews and ratings of counterfeit can make it look good.

Reveals publication Google about the ways in which a company tries to reduce these audits and assessments, fake, and one of the ways real people will monitor suspicious activity and they modify the system Google Play Store to help find out the reviews and ratings of counterfeit better.

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