Google says that the Huawei phones will work on Google Play and on the protection monthly

جوجل تقول ان هواتف هواوي ستظل تعمل على جوجل بلاي وتحصل على الحماية الشهريةGoogle says that the Huawei phones will work on Google Play and on the campaign monthly

The team said the work of the Android system is open source via Twitter to Huawei phones the former will continue to operate on Google Play and on the protection monthly .

Did you know Twitter about site phones the future of Huawei’s expected to be deprived of these services .

Come remark just hours after leaking the report to Reuters confirmed that the Google Company affiliate have had to suspend some transactions with the Chinese company Huawei, which require the transfer of hardware, software and technical services, except those publicly available through open source license.

Processing of Ramadan in the Saudi Arabia market

Come Huawei ranked second globally in the sale of smartphones, after Samsung’s Korean prior to Apple us .

Later quoted by Reuters remarks to follow about Google in which he said ”for users of our services, will continue to Google Play and security protection provided by the Google Play Protech working on Huawei devices present.“

Did you know Huawei officially on the news yet, though various reports have indicated that the company might steal from operations development of own operating system .

Come check us against Huawei on the background of a trade war between the United States and China.

Last week, the chairman of the U.S. tariff on hundreds of billions of Chinese imports, from 10% to 25%, also threatened to include smart phones and other technology products in the following category of products from China to get tax by 25%.

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