Google reveals the internet speed required to play games on a Google service Stadia

Google Stadia

The Google company to remove the curtain officially on the broadcast service games Google Stadia in the last week. Will enable these service users to play games in the browser Google Chrome and, through the Chromecast, and phones Google Pixel. Because of all the complex tasks performed in cloud infrastructure mega-company Google, it would be possible to run games at the same level as games for home consoles like Xbox One X Playstation 4 Pro on smart phones. Obviously, these games require a connection strong to the internet, has revealed the company’s Google Now on the internet speed required to play games on a Google service Stadia.

Stated the director of the Department of Google Stadia at Google, Mr. Phil Harrison to Kotaku that in order to broadcast games 1080p at 60 frames per second, it is recommended to use internet at 25 megabits per second almost. Use Google Stadia less than this, but this is the speed recommended by Google to get game experience.

Can Google Stadia actually broadcast the games in 4K at a rate of 60 FPS. Mr. Phil Harrison that in order to access these numbers, it is recommended to use the speed of internet speed of 30 Mbps. Players can receive a lower resolution if your internet speed is low, this means that Google Stadia will be precision appropriate only for players.

Because Google Stadia do not need device or a home gaming console, the easiest way to play on your TV would be through the dongle Chromecast. Users will be able to also run games on the browser Google Chrome in a matter of seconds, and it will be also possible to play games on phones, Google Pixel also.

Will launch the game Google Stadia in the coming months. Company Google they will be information concerning the prices in the summer of this year.


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