Google reveals the existence of a critical security vulnerability in the browser Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

From time to time is to detect security vulnerabilities in software. Of course, often doesn’t create those security holes intentionally, but rather due to the fact that it is difficult to try to repair all the defects. Recently, it seems that the initiative of Google’s Project Zero discovered a bug a new security in the browser the Microsoft Edge, which is a security bug, which was posted on the Chromium site.

The report technically to some extent, but basically the flaw allows potential attackers to take a step sideways and analysis on the security measures listed in the browser Microsoft Edge. It should be noted that this attack will analyse the source code of a malicious to the memory of the site harmful to have been accessed through the browser Microsoft Edge. Has been the discovery of this flaw by a security researcher Ivan Fratric at Google, which made contact with Microsoft to let them know.

However, it seems that the Fix is a little complicated, that is why the publication of the report public because the policy directly Google Project Zero provides for the sharing of the findings with the public after 90 days from the notification of the company concerned. This is intended to give developers and businesses adequate time to launch the reform, what this means is that after the publication of the report, become a security vulnerability is invalid.

According to Microsoft researchers and security Ivan Fratric : ” reform is more complex than initially expected, it is very likely that we will not be able to issue the Fix at the deadline in February because of problems of memory management. The panel sure that the fix will be ready for launch on 13 March “. In the meantime, for those who use the browser Microsoft Edge, then you might want to use alternative browsers until the issue of reform.



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