Google reveal the console in games design is trying to DualShock

Revealed Google Inc officially released today for the console in games that support the service of its new cloud to broadcast the games Stadia, which applies to the design mimics the DualShock, with the stick to move and buttons to the side of the D-pad.

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Comes joystick in the Games section of Google today design combines Color Black and white, with a clear advantage in the button key motto Service broadcast the games Stadia, also comes the control arm in the games with button supports the joint, along with a dedicated button to plugin Google default.

The user can through the built-in microphone in the console in games to take the voice commands of the control lever for trading in games, or to support the user hints in the games, it will also be the control arm in the games directly with the data centre to address any delay in response to the control arm.


I know of

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