Google reveal a list of companies that will enter the system update Android 10 this year

Published the search giant in her blog today the list of reveal of the first companies to offer a system update Android 10 lists of smartphones before the end of this year.

Move manufacturers for Andre to push the new updates of the system and the identity of their smartphone, with the launch of the new version Android 10 use many companies to push the update to a group of smartphones.

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Company Google has confirmed with the launch of Android 8.0 Oreo on the development of a new base of support manufacturers for phones landed in the update to its phones in a timely manner.

I have reviewed the Google chart reveals the proportion of phones landed running Android 9 Pie which up to a rate of 22.6%, where they picked up these women as a result of cooperation of Google with the major manufacturers of phones landed.

Google also confirmed that the average time it took manufacturers to update of the system of the Oreo into Pie up to 3 months, it is expected that the update to Android 10 perform faster.

I have referred Google to that all of the companies are Essential, and those also OnePlus has launched new versions Android 10, is expected to join more companies for on Android 10 the identity of its smartphone before the end of this year, which may include Samsung too.


I know of

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