Google removes extra fake ban ads from Chrome got a 20 million install


If you are a user of the browser Google Chrome and found that the addition of the prohibition of advertising your own no longer exist, there is the possibility that they one of the plugins that has the Google best of chrome.

Did Google remove the five additional special block ads from the browser by Google Chrome which comes in order to facilitate the downloaded by users, note that those plugins have codes suspicious to send user information and sites visited by to servers Maker add-on, so that the owner of the servers that can control browser behavior.

Came experiences Google after a report published by the website AdGurad where he introduced the added and analyzed in detail to confirm that the Addendum download codes malignant and he showed the full list of additions similar to that used the same methodology for the hack, note that the size of the download that plugins 20 million downloads, and the reason that they got in order to store add-ons browser Google Chrome, this neglect is clear from Google to the Add-ons store, as described in the report of the AdGurad, here are show months the plugins area and are in fact suspicious.

Recommended report AdGurad in case you want to avoid suspicious additives in the App Store you should ensure that the developer is reliable and preferably certified company in order to avoid suspicious additives of any kind.



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