Google removed 22 applications to generate ad clicks fake

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جوجل تحذف 22 تطبيقًا لتوليدها نقرات إعلانية وهمية

Delete company Google 22 apps potentially store its official apps for Android system Google Play Google Play Store after installed more than two million times within users ‘ computers, according to researchers of security firm Sophos, these professional applications are programmed in a way that makes her able to keep on many models of smart phones.

It is also able to generate clicks phony on the banner ad, thereby generating revenue of illegal programmers, drain the phones battery.

The company launched a malicious software named “Andr/Clickr-ad”, come these apps from a variety of developers micro, and Sophos: “did Google remove these fraudulent apps from the Google Play Store in the end of November”.

And download one of these malicious apps named Sparkle Flashlight more than a million times, while I got many good reviews.

The researchers found that the applications are connecting to the server controller belonging to the attackers named, in order to download the model occupation advertising and applications on command from the server every 80 seconds.

The task of malware is to open a window size of 0 x 0 pixels, and therefore the user can not be observed, during the continue to click frequently on the ads and the revenue earned in a fraudulent manner.

Did not specify a specific ad network may have benefited from the fraud, although the users probably don’t want to participate in this celebration for any reason, the direct result for anyone who downloads these apps is that their data and battery life of their devices was being consumed constantly, so even if the app is closed, it is automatically run in the background.

It was the most interesting part in the software click on the ads for the purchase of Sophos is that they have managed to define itself as coming from a variety of models of smartphones, including the iPhone, despite the fact that they Android apps only.

The applications were able at the council on development as coming from a number of models of Apple, ranging from the iPhone 5 through to iPhone 8 Plus is 249 model mobile phone, different factory by 33 brand made for Android phones, has contributed to hide the occupation, I predicted Sophos that this method is designed to increase revenue.

Paid advertisers additional funds to reach the owners of the phones Apple’s presumed tablet devices, have become frauds portable ad is a growing problem, where the doubled proportion of the frauds display the table compared with last year, according to analysis by one of the marketing companies.

Below is a list of the apps deleted from the Google Play Store, which continued for a long time within the store Android official, and used a special technique to fool the systems ad, and forget to remove them from your smartphone if it exists:

  • Sparkle FlashLight
  • Snake Attack
  • Math Solver
  • ShapeSorter
  • Tak A Trip
  • Magnifeye
  • Join Up
  • Zombie Killer
  • Space Rocket
  • Neon Pong
  • Just Flashlight
  • Table Soccer
  • Cliff Diver
  • Box Stack
  • Jelly Slice
  • AK Blackjack
  • Color Tiles
  • Animal Match
  • Roulette Mania
  • HexaFall
  • HexaBlocks
  • PairZap
  • The gate Arab News Technical Google removed 22 applications to generate ad clicks fake

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