Google released the first beta version of Android Q

Today, 13 March, Google has launched the program of pre-testing Android Q, releasing his debut rollup. Like last year, the preliminary version of Android Q is distributed only among the owners of compatible devices that are registered developers. It is a jubilee, the tenth iteration of the mobile OS by the search giant, whose official release will take place only at the event Google I/O, which will be held in early may.

Since the first access beta Android Q now has a very limited range of users, complete list of new features the updated OS will be published later. Will be the subject of a separate article in which we will focus in detail on each difference Android Android Q from P. Now we show only the functional changes of update, which are already known to date.

Night mode

Developers from the XDA team, which received early access to the Android Q, found in the update is native support for night theme. It applies not only to the interface of the operating system, but third-party apps. Thanks to her, it is possible to reduce eye strain in low light and reduce energy consumption.


The permit system is the basis of Android security. It allows you to control the access of third-party applications to the smartphone, limiting it in case of any suspicion. In Q Android developers Google has expanded the capabilities of the system, for example, allowing applications to give certain privileges only active. In addition, in the Android Q in the status bar will appear the icon to indicate that the activity of the microphone or hidden conduct photo or video.

Desktop mode

Apparently, in the Android Q Google decided to implement the mode that allows you to connect your smartphone to the monitor and use a bundle as a computer. The same feature provides a docking station DeX from Samsung, which at the end of last year turned into a built in feature in the firmware of the flagship smartphone of the company.

Smart face recognition

As reported by XDA, in the tenth iteration of an OS from Google to appear advanced facial recognition technology with native support for the AI. The latter will provide a better level of protection against false positives and also will probably allow you to unlock your smartphone in the dark without the use of special sensors.

Screen recording

Despite the fact that most third-party shells such possibility is present for a long time, stock version of Android all the time was her deprived. However, as it turned out, in the Android Q things have changed and users will be able to record the desktop with the help of standard tools.

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