Google refuses production of laptops and tablets

In 2017, Google announced to the world your new laptop Pixelbook, and last year we saw the first tablet from the company called Pixel Slate. At that time, was accepted very warmly, the second was not particularly popular and remains so still. Today, the Internet appeared information about the fact that within the company there are some changes associated, again, with the two aforementioned devices. They say the employees who were involved in the work on Pixelbook and Pixel Slate was reassigned to other areas and future projects associated with these devices have been cancelled.

According to the publication Business Insider, so-called “Creators”, who has been working with Pixelbook and Pixel Slate has been reduced due to the fact that Google “revised plans for their products”. As a result, dozens of engineers, managers and other employees who worked recently on a laptop and a tablet, were in a sense left to themselves, as they were told for two weeks to find yourself some other projects or in Google, or Alphabet, which belongs to Google.

Despite the cuts, part of the former team “Creators” still working on a tablet and a laptop the search giant, but only on those devices that are running Chrome OS. Part of the same projects under the title “a Bunch of things at work” was cancelled by the company.

Although some products were canceled, most likely, the innovations don’t touch the devices that was supposed to come out soon. Such devices include the long-awaited Pixelbook 2, codenamed Atlas. While Pixelbook considered a successful product of the company and one of the best laptops on the Chrome OS, it’s quite expensive, and since its launch has dropped in price as much as 25%.

Unfortunately, the success of Pixel Slate, however. Despite the fact that the tablet has a very powerful “stuffing”, working on Chrome OS, it just could not compete with its competitors iOS and Android. App Android, developers quietly have been working on Chrome OS, but it was not so – all was launched and worked through the stump deck.

In the material Business Insider notes that Rick Osterloh (Rick Osterloh) and his unit are faced with pressure from management while working on software. In this unit, working on smartphones Pixel, is successful, and Sandar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) said that at this point no cancellations and reductions in the mobile unit, as well as those that develop Google Home and wearable devices, are expected.

And you enjoyed ever Pixelbook Pixel or Slate? How do you like these devices?

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