Google reduced the number of staff in the Department of tablet devices and laptops, according to a new report

Google PixelBook

Have you decided Google turn reduce its presence in the market of tablet devices or laptops? Well, there’s at least a new report claims that. The report states that the company Google is working on reducing the size of the section responsible for tablets and laptops. It is estimated that the company requests the staff to move to other jobs within the Alphabet temporarily as part of a plan to restructure some sections.

Citing sources familiar with the developments at Google, according to website Business Insider that the Google company reported to the dozens of staff in the Department of Google Create, which work on devices like Google PixelBook and Google Pixel Slate moving to work in other jobs within the company Alphabet temporarily.

Referred to to personnel who asked them to move to other jobs are Programme Managers, technical engineers, devices. It is said that it was to make this decision due to the cancellation of projects that he was working on a section of Google Create, a department that oversaw the development of devices such as a Google PixelBook and Google Pixel Slate and other products that carry the brand ” Made By Google “.

Mentioned one source that the Google team Create was working on a range of projects, but this move makes it clear that it has limited the number of these projects. However, it remains to be seen whether that means that we won’t see successors to Google PixelBook and Google Pixel Slate in the future or not. Because company Google, demanding they move to other jobs and not laid off, it is possible that there will be other goals behind these changes.

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