Google put a new policy prohibiting content that incites violence in the YouTube

I started the Google company in new policy development in the content of users on the network YouTube, where the company during the coming period to prohibit the video content that incites violence or which users pay to the executive in the implementation of risk.

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There is no doubt that YouTube was the window to a lot of users to view a lot of content that attracts a large base of viewers across the width of the content which includes the activity of risk or incite violence, but the new Google on the YouTube limit content that incites violence, even by more.

It is planned to grant this new policy to publish content that supports the organization policies, dangerous or threatening the life of the users or urging them to acts of violence, in particular content aimed at users of the children and young people and who pays their implementation challenges may lead to bodily harm up to death sometimes.

I have indicated the location of the YouTube to that content that incites violence evolved into the bombs sometimes, which requires a new policy to limit the publication of such content which may lead to the spread of accidents and the exposure of users to the dangers that may end with death, as explained by the examples of these challenges such as Bird Box challenge is one of the recent challenges which spread on the site YouTube, which pays users to perform dangerous tasks blindfolded.


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