Google provides search application Google Go users all over the world

Google announced the launch of the search application is possible by the small size of the Google Go users phones landed in all over the world.

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The Google Test Application lite of the country during the last period, and then launched the application to Google Go in India, and Indonesia, where it came to the app to users of Android phones Go, today announced the search giant announced the launch of the app for users of phones landed in all over the world.

It is scheduled to stop the application of Google Go for download today via the Google Play Store the size of 7 MB, and also supports this version users the experience of a search string with the provision of consumption data by 40%.

Also available in the work with communications slow internet connection, as the app has a miniature model of the Lens to support the user in the search and translate words using the camera.

Also this release supports the technique of artificial intelligence to listen to the content of the internet page by reading the clear words, the app also offers a seamless experience and quick access to apps and sites preferred, with experience in quick to open audio and video content, and also supports the user with fast switching between the search results in different languages.


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