Google promised to add Android support hearing aid

In Android will appear native support for hearing AIDS. It follows from the official Google site for developers. First support devices for the hearing impaired was not possible due to the high degree of fragmentation of the operating system.

The first manufacturer whose hearing AIDS officially earn with smartphones running Android, will become the Danish company GN Hearing. Google and GN Hearing is already working on new specifications sound transmission called ASHA, which will appear in a future version of Android.

Hearing AIDS with support for Android

Standard ASHA will provide the most efficient sound transmission without interference and will also allow you to connect a compatible hearing AIDS to smartphones running Android without the need for the involvement of intermediate devices and to use them as external set.

Since Google saw fit to publish this information, there is a high probability that the support of hearing AIDS will be available in Android 9.1. The release of the updated OS should take place some time after the autumn of the presentation of the Google Pixel Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

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