Google Project Fi expansion international data coverage to 170 countries

Google Project Fi

Will Google Project Fi multimedia networks global coverage for users in more countries around the world. It was formerly called users access to the service Project Fi in 135 countries, but the company decided to Google Now to add more countries to the list for now To 170 countries. The good news is that there is no change in price, customers will be able to pay$ 10 per GB of data that’s already what they do with the use of unlimited text messages SMS. Will be able users to make phone calls to United States from countries subsidized vs. 0.20 $ per minute.

Some of the new countries supported by the service Project Fi now include Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Tunisia, Jordan, Georgia, and Laos, as well as many other countries. Are available full list on the website of the Project Fi official.

As it became easier for users to find out now whether she will have coverage data at the international level in their journeys ahead. The Project Fi users now have the possibility of knowing whether they will receive international coverage or not in their journey to the next based on their international travels next to Gmail.

Will see a notification in the application Project Fi shortly before their journey to see the coverage options and costs. The application displays these notifications by default, but users will able to stop it. It should be noted that the users of the Project Fi do anything to activate international coverage. This is part of the service plan so users only need to take their phones and go on their journey.


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