Google probably confirmed the presence of Pixel 3a average specifications

Returns the rumors, my phone pixels 3a and 3a XL class available to the pre-launch Pixel series 3-pilot, and continues even today, but without official confirmation of the intention to launch two phones or having them originally.

In a tweet on Twitter yesterday, he wrote Hiroshi located vice president of Android to Google, he visited a place of historical significance and capture several images, but it’s “best not to share it because her phone has not been launched yet”.

It is usual to use the executive organs of the company that runs The they use personally such as its declaration as part of the final stage to test the devices, which explains the position located that it didn’t have another phone for personal use apparently.

This is due to the phone on the nearest to be Pixel-3a or 3a XL, middle-class, and respect the least may be the prototype for my phone 4 Pixel or 4 XL from the leading category; where the last left on the date of its launch more than 6 months most likely, as it is the most common access on the new design after negative reactions on the design of the Pixel series 3.

If you will more likely possibility is that the phone is Pixels 3a or 3a XL, it may mean we’ll see the official announcement soon.

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