Google prevents the use of artificial intelligence military

As promised Google not to use their technology of artificial intelligence AI applications in war and weapons, yet needs to buy it in one of the projects of the U.S. Army, the company announced its decision not to renew its contract with the Pentagon, which ends next year.

Told Google of its employees of its decision to stop providing the machine learning tools the Pentagon, in their joint project to use artificial intelligence in the analysis of the snapshots of UAVs (drones), and knowledge project Maven Project Maven, a project which led reliable to the resignation of some staff of Google.

She said google it will not allow the use of its technologies of artificial intelligence in humans, and they developed new guidelines for the uses of artificial intelligence, has been posted on her blog signed by the Chairman of the Executive Sundar pichai, a guidance that included the company’s intention to prevent the use of artificial intelligence techniques in the following cases:

(1) techniques that cause or likely to cause harm to the public.

(2) weapons and other technologies that purpose by the President is causing injury to human beings or facilitating it.

(3) The technical monitor or collect information in violation of internationally accepted standards.

(4) techniques that are contrary to its purpose with the principles of international law and human rights.

Put the statement another set of principles, said they will continue to design artificial intelligence in the future, they need to be the artificial intelligence technology socially useful, non-biased, and tested the degree of safety and privacy, and to use, and adheres to the standards of high-tech scientific development.

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