Google preparing to launch smart screen, works with her voice

قوقل تستعد لإطلاق شاشة ذكية تعمل مع مساعدها الصوتي

Report stated that Google are preparing to take advantage more fully of her voice, especially in smart devices, aid home, where she would launch her voice within a screen of clever, similar to her voice in the sky of home.

According to the website Nikkei, the company would like to launch the smartphone screen before the Christmas period at the end of the year, as it seeks through it to the appropriate assistant Amazon home Echo Show, which enjoyed a small side of heaven.

The idea of aid to the Home-screen smart very distinctive, especially as they offer numerous advantages can not assistance audio traditional home provided; such as show the weather condition on the screen, or even show videos, etc.

Speaking more about this, it can be said that this idea represents something like a tablet that works on audio only without the need to grab her, as it is considered as assistant Speaker of the house, but with a screen to provide information and options more.

Was Google has launched a voice assistant service with smart screens in collaboration with several companies such as Lenovo, LG, and Sony, but now want to devices of their design.

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