Google Play Store gets updated night mode extensively

Started the Google Play Store in the received a new update with support for the feature of Night Mode or dark mode on phones that run Android operating system 10 on an enlarged scale.

متجر جوجل بلاي يحصل على تحديث الوضع الليلي بشكل موسعGoogle Play Store gets updated night mode extensively

Come this update, after receiving a number of programs and apps Google on night mode during the past few days, and will work night mode on the Google Play Store by mode, activated on the phone.

Activate Night Mode on the Google Play Store

When the phone is in Normal mode remain in the store in the normal mode switching to Night Mode via the “Settings> Display> characteristic dark” will turn the Google Store automatically time and dark.

The feature of Night Mode or Dark Mode has been introduced with Android 10 extensively on the system as a whole, it is a good move from Google where volatility this feature of the impact of the high light of the phone on the eye, and also to avoid disturbing others with the light of your phone in dark places and while browsing late at night.

It keeps the battery life in the phones which protect the screen more, because unlike other screens with the lighting permanent, think screen for to turn off pixels to create black color, which provides energy use in lighting.

Unfortunately, I didn’t expect the night mode to follow Google on phones that are running operating systems older, but is expected to come to devices running the Android 9 later and then will be forced Google to add the option to turn on Night Mode on the App Store internally, and switch between it and normal mode.

That’s because Android only 10 is the one that provides the characteristic Dark at the system level, as did Apple, too, this year with iOS system 13, which supports Dark Mode on the system as a whole.

Started to update the Google Store access to users around the world regularly, and if you have a phone running Android 10 you only have to wait until you update.

For phones that didn’t get Android system 10 after you’ll enjoy the features of Google updates the new as soon as they receive update Android 10 by the manufacturer for their phones.

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