Google Play shows you the apps broadcast containing the show you are looking for

قوقل بلاي يعرض لك تطبيقات البث التي تحتوي على العرض الذي تبحث عنه

It was usual to have a TV show that you watch on one of the cable channels a few and movies were available as a physical store in your area, but nowadays with the influx of streaming services and social services, it Toto, but the problem here is that the user has no idea of the place watching the show, is on Holt? Or HBO? Or Amazon Prime or another service.

In order to solve the problem taken Google step very useful, where in the month of March past, began to offer broadcast services to the film to watch it in the Google Play movies, and noted also that the same will come to the store Google Play, currently has become possible.

For how to use, when searching for a TV show or a movie on the Play Store, you will see the first cards related to movies or books Google Google Play (if available there), will be in between the best results for the applications of different Android where you can broadcast this content on the card application, and the bottom of the title and the developer’s plan written in italics refers to that of the movie or show is available for broadcast on this app.

Finally you’ll get results supply services broadcast supported by your area only, with more suggestions to download apps where the content of this video.

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