Google Play opens pre-order for all developers

قوقل بلاي يفتح الطلب المُسبق لجميع المطورين

Announced Google today announced a series of rule changes to her store and Google Play, which focuses mainly on the development of games, but also there are a lot of special features by the developer, where the most important change, is that pre-registration is now available to all developers, where for the first time we saw this option in 2015, and late last year allowed the company’s developers to submit a request for access, now would be available without a request or the like.

In addition you will receive the application package, which was announced at the conference of Google Developers Google I / O 2018 which is also now used by many common applications, you will receive some improvements, most notably exceeded the maximum size of the APK files generated from the App Bundle to 150 MB, so that can now for games, apps, other large use.

In a similar observation, the store will now warn users of large downloads when the size of the app (or update) is greater than 150 MB, where in the previous This was a warning when you exceed the application is 100 MB.

Finally there are some other improvements such as the ability to perform tests on the lists of the stores in Google Play, and even design menus for applications for certain countries, as well as create immediate applications of games Unity, and more that you can see during the Game Developers Conference 2019 which will be held today.

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