Google Play has started to advise on which applications to remove

Have you ever tried to count how many apps installed on your phone? 10, 20, 30, maybe over 50 – doesn’t matter, because among them still there are those that you run no more than once a year, and then less frequently. It would seem, quite logically delete them and not clutter up precious memory. But, unfortunately, due to modern lifestyles we sometimes can’t remember which of the programs we from time to time apply and which was not opened for several months. To understand this, ironically, will help Google Play.

As reported AndroidPolice, some users received access to test Google Play. Its main purpose is to scan your device for junk applications to make a selection and send the user a notification with a proposal to liberate them from the phone memory. The transition to notification will take you to a new section in Google Play, from where you can delete all unnecessary programs.

How to know which applications are not used

In fact, Google Play and used to be able to track the frequency of use of applications, but could not send alert with the recommendation to remove those that have not run for several months. Therefore, if the test notification feature to remove unused yet available to you, you will be able to check all manually.

  • Go to Google Play shortcut menu “My apps and games”;
  • Open the ‘Installed’ tab and look closely at the small print under the app name – show how long since the last time you ran an application.

If this period is close to 10 weeks, or exceeds it, you can safely delete the program, because in the next 10 weeks you are likely to hardly get it open. And at least the disk space will save, because certainly it is superfluous will not be exact.

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