Google Play Go games shopping for a Hezbollah

At the moment, the internet is the best way for terrorist groups to marketing itself and its work and attracting sympathizers, and we have seen many examples to exploit ISIS to this point, and now it seems that Hezbollah shares the same approach.

The latest reports indicate that the store Google Play apps and games Android system may go game shopping for a Hezbollah equitable a terrorist by the U.S. government, where the spins game scenario around the idea of protecting the Sayyida Zaynab Mosque in Damascus from invaders and terrorists, and protecting game more than 10,000 people with reviews, many praising the game.

Exploration developers it turns out that he lives in Beirut and other games with the same context in other stores, as it uses domain names to refer to its connection to the websites of the news of the Hezbollah.

Game characters include children who use bombs against the enemies who describe their game to atone civilians and terrorists, it is clear that the game ulterior motives, such as the publication of her letters in addition to free publicity, despite the fact that these games are not supposed to be available in the App Store because it violates the laws, as to Google, an American company, and the government classified the assembly which stands behind the development of the game as terrorist.

Did not provide Google comment on the matter, but she did delete the game plus another game in the last few hours in the name of the morning near that shop the idea to use children for bombs against the invaders.

Source: forbes

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