Google Play allows setting a spending budget on the content

So keep informed about your spending on buying apps and content from Google Play, and set yourself an upper limit of spending, allowed the Google Play feature to determine the budget and tracking expenses, you’ll be familiar with and Pro you to purchase digital content.

Through the application store on smartphones and tablets, and log in to the Account section and record purchases you can select the field and put the amount in the currency of the store to be the cap you have.

And when you buy anything from the Google Play tells you the message that you’re close to the budget limit specified by you, you can at any time remove those restrictions and to spend without limits.

Of course, a budget doesn’t mean to prevent you from buying content and applications, but to check out on your behavior and in general, this property is related with properties such as the documented purchase via fingerprint or password.

It is worth mentioning that the Apple TV had a feature similar years ago and parents to define a budget monthly expenditures specific to their children to buy items from the iTunes store, and had been mothballed in May 2016 when the program launched the joint family.

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