Google plans to add the feature of gestures for the browser Chrome on Android

Known to everyone that the Chrome browser from Google comes preinstalled on most Android phones, and perhaps this is a good reason by the company to maintain its own updates, but do these updates clear for users and even developers? Away from this wondering, currently the company plans to achieve the coming browser will include a feature that will enjoyed by users of Android certainly.

They added a feature to the gestures of development, which in turn would allow users to scroll left or right with the aim of moving to a cell or a redirection through your browsing history, on the other hand, also these gestures similar to the one that is present on the other system iOS, and monitored in a developer version, which means they are still not ready until now.

Finally if everything goes fine, may be issued these new gestures in two weeks, with the reference that there is a slim chance that don’t make Google their advantage of these are available on Android, but it is interesting to report about its existence in version developers.

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