Google PixelBook may be able to run ChromeOS and Windows 10 in the future

Google Pixelbook 2

In the past year, the company revealed Google unveiled need Google PixelBook, which is essentially a Chromebook powered by ChromeOS has the ability to work as a tablet or laptop normal. Now there is no any material error in the computers Chromebook or system ChromeOS, but the core operating system such as Windows or MacOS tend to be operating systems ” complete “.

The good news is that it might be possible for Google to consider creating a computer Google PixelBook has the feature of boot dual so that it can boot with system ChromeOS or Windows 10. According to a new report recently released from the Developers Forum XDA Developers, has discovered that Google is trying to get on the streets from Microsoft in order to need Google PixelBook, including certification Windows Hardware Certification Kit and Windows Hardware Lab Kit.

This means that the devices have been approved by Microsoft as compatible with Windows. It is not logical that the company seeks to Google to get the evidence unless you plan to use Windows with them, suggesting that they may work on a Google PixelBook new capable of running the system.

By doing this, you’ll find the Google case Google PixelBook more attractive, where can consumers who want to simple keep use system ChromeOS, but if there are applications and functions that require Windows, they have this option also. Unfortunately, there is currently no information about the arrival of such a device, but maybe we can learn more later this year when the announcement about phones Google Pixel 3 new.



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