Google Pixel tested the performance with 4 different versions of Android

Earlier this month, Google announced that it will submit an official update to Android Q for the original Pixel smartphones. For fans of the company, and especially for those who still have the first pixel, the news came as a great and pleasant surprise. In connection with these joyful news appeared on YouTube a video in which the author decided to compare the performance of one model of smartphone Pixel with different versions of Android.

The first generation of smartphones Google Pixel and Pixel XL was introduced in 2016, and, as a rule, the smartphones of this age with installed the actual version VIA start to noticeably slow down. Still need to give the original flagship the Google tribute, as they are throughout the entire lifetime showed himself very worthy.

Using the same Pixel smartphone, running Android 7.1.2, 8.1 Android, Android 9.0 and the new beta version of Android Q, we can let not liberty, but to understand how different versions affect the overall performance of the device. So what were the results? Surprisingly, but on different versions the device has shown themselves to be about the same. Smartphone on Android N finished the test with an index of 2:50, while 9.0 Android Pie is coming on his heels with a time of 2:52. Android O and Q are handled identically – 2:53.

Of course, such a test does not reflect all aspects of smartphone use in everyday life with a lot of installed and running applications, but still interesting to observe that three different versions of Android with little impact on performance old Google Pixel. It is also worth noting that Android Q in this test is still in early beta, so the fact that he shows himself on the same level as the other versions, is actually quite promising.

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