Google Pixel has become the fastest growing brand in the smartphone market

Hard to call Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL is a good smartphone. 3 XL, for example, has a ridiculous cut, and the usual “Troika” has not received any serious changes in comparison with last year’s flagships. However, most importantly, what is Google really great is the quality of the cameras. Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, Google has managed to significantly improve the quality of the photos, even if we consider the presence of only one camera module on the rear panel of the devices range.

Probably why brand Google Pixel has become the fastest growing smartphone market in the United States. This news with reference to the analytical Agency Strategy Analytics has shared colleagues from Forbes.

It is also worth noting that while Google Pixel not included in the five most popular smartphones in the US — there is room for improvement. However, the fact that Pixel become interesting to consumers is encouraged. For example, our colleagues started to assume that Pixel can replace the iPhone in the United States. Actually, why not? Google phones are cheaper, get frequent and fast updates, real experience of using Android and have a camera which quality is not inferior to the iPhone camera.

Does Google have a chance?

Of course, Google wants Pixel became a replacement iPhone, but, in my opinion, only one camera difficult to surprise. Google lacks ecosystem. But it is worth noting that with the growing popularity of Chromebooks will undoubtedly grow in popularity Pixel, as desktop solutions are Central to the issue of building the ecosystem. It is therefore not exclude that in the future Google Pixel will be able to break the top five most popular U.S. brands.

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