Google Pixel 3 XL seemed in the picture. Of the recess in the screen I want to cry

In late July, insiders revealed the third generation of the Pixel on all sides. Especially memorable front angle — top display XL-version sported a huge notch. It seems that the published photos were truthful. The design of the smartphone was confirmed by the “spy” picture.

Wait for the presentation of new devices was still relatively short. The announcement will be held October 4, as already told by representatives of the company. It seems that opponents display “bangs” of the new Pixel 3 XL disappoint.

The smartphone was spotted at MobileSyrup Twitter, reports 9to5google. He was photographed in Toronto, and journalists don’t particularly doubt the authenticity of Pixel 3 XL. A magnified view of the device looks like.

The confirms the old information about the design of the flagship. The key difference will be the notch in the upper part and the so-called chin at the bottom.

Recall from smartphone waiting for 4 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 845. He scored in Geekbench 2426 points in single-core mode and 8355 — in multi-core.

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