Google Pixel 3 XL bypassed iPhone XS Max quality display

The display Pixel 3 XL not only equal but superior to the iPhone’s display XS Max and Galaxy Note 9 a number of indicators, making it the best solution for mobile devices. This conclusion after a comprehensive study was made by experts from DisplayMate lab specializing in the testing of quality of displays of electronic devices. The only measure that discards display Google Pixel 3 XL in ranking the best of the best, was its brightness.

The first indicator, which should be to start is the excellent viewing angles. Display Google Pixel 3 XL, like all other smartphones, begins to go blind if you look at it under a 30-degree angle, but worthy to resist. For example, the brightness drops to only 28% against a standard of 55%. According to this indicator, the flagship of Google is on par with the iPhone XS Max and Galaxy Note 9, which show the results at 25 and 27%, respectively.

Viewing angles

“Despite the fact that smartphones are devices for individual use, the degree of change in brightness when changing viewing angle remains an important figure because some users hold them at different angles. Often, this angle is 30 degrees, and even more if the smartphone is on a table or other surface. While on most LCD panels is observed 55% reduction in brightness when viewed at an angle is 30 degrees, the result is the display Pixel 3 XL are significantly better,” explained DisplayMate.


Another feature of the display Pixel 3 XL is accurate color reproduction. The objects on the screen of the smartphone look as natural as possible and almost never go into blue, even when viewed from different sides, as was the case with the device of the previous generation. In addition, experts stress DisplayMate, users are entitled to change the saturation, switching between the three display modes available in the firmware by default.

Anti-reflective coating

But the brightness of the display Google Pixel 3 XL disappoint, stopping at the peak level of 424 nits. It is even less than last year’s Pixel 2 XL, which could boast 10% more bright lighting, not to mention the Galaxy Note 9 with its seven hundred NIT. But thanks to the highly effective anti-glare coating Pixel Google 3 XL has the lowest reflectivity among all smartphones. The novelty it is equal to 4.3%, allowing it to be on a par with the iPad 4 and current iPad models Pro, at the time setting a record with similar results.

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