Google Pixel 3 risk kindle while charging

Google Pixel 3

Google has released the third generation of smartphones Pixel, and none of them has not yet started with no apparent problems. Fortunately, we find fault only affected the usability of the smartphone and does not threaten the health of users. It’s time to be wary — some owners of the Google Pixel 3 complained that while charging the smartphone heats up to such an extent that shuts off to prevent a fire.

In fairness it should be noted that excessive heating occurs only in the case that during charging, the user continues to use the smartphone and thus loads it is designed for demanding tasks. For example, the case heats up during the game, listening to music, watching live broadcast in Internet and conversation with video. Charging method it does not matter much — the heating of noticeable performance, wired and wireless charging.

Given the habit of people to charge your smartphone while you sleep, this problem can be life-threatening. Smartphone manufacturers know about the risk of outbreaks, therefore, embedded in a smartphone protective mechanisms. For example, when exceeding the set temperature threshold, the smartphone is simply switched off to reduce the load. This is what apparently happens with smartphones Google Pixel 3.

The other problems of the third generation of smartphones from Google is not so dangerous, but very unpleasant. One of the main faults — sudden shutdown background applications. The company promises to fix it in one of the next updates of the system.

Have you encountered any overheating of the mobile while charging? About your experience to detect and eliminate problems, you can tell us in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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