Google Pixel 3 easy to scratch, but this feature

Earlier this week, the company Google held a presentation, which introduced the Pixel 3 and 3 XL. Device not made a splash, because before that the Russian and Ukrainian bloggers have disclosed all the features of the new apparatus, the party which was stolen from the Foxconn factory. After the presentation of the foreign journalists got a chance to check on the stands 3 and 3 XL. Resource editor Arstechnica shares on Twitter a photograph of the back cover Pixel 3 badly scratched up.

This tweet became popular, I think users new flagship Google also impractical. In reality things are very different. Pixel 3 and 3 XL are made of glass, the lower part of the back cover of the device has a matte soft-touch coating that is easily exposed to external influences.

The guys from 9to5google decided to conduct my own experiment and scratched Pixel 3 is read. It was quite simple, flick of the wrist they wrote on the machine “9to5google”. But then also easily and quickly your finger erased the inscription.

This is not to exclude that the scratches on the testing sample do not clean your finger, as they could appear in a strong physical impact. In this case, of course, the correct choice would be to buy the device in white color.

On the other hand, is the ordinary glass or metal is not able to scratch with a strong impact? In the case of Pixel 3 scratches stand out much against the black of the body, so they cause so much emotion. However, it is a feature of the production technology frosted cover glass, so there is nothing surprising in this.

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