Google Pixel 3 disappoint even fans

Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL-introduced October 9, 2018. The devices were initially perceived by society is not very warm because of the ridiculous cut Pixel 3 XL, however, fans of the brand understand all the features of phones from Google, so don’t get hung up on appearance. But could Pixel 3 to meet the expectations of even the most dedicated user lines? We will now discuss.

Reddit users have reported a number of problems with Pixel 3:

  • It is noted mediocre management memory even after the December update, some have reported light “freezes”;
  • There are problems with the quality of the speaker sound — it’s worse than Pixel 2 XL, and 3 XL problems with sound distortion. Sound quality 3 and 3 XL secondary;
  • If you believe the many reviews and tests show that the autonomy of the Pixel XL 3 worse than 2 XL;
  • There are also problems with the camera. Pixel 3 wins the competition regime Night Sight, but the flagship Huawei work better with poor lighting and approach, are the flagships of Apple are better at dynamic range day. Have Samsung and Apple better sound quality. Many criticized Google for using a single camera. Imagine what a stunning result if the company used several cameras.

From good it is possible to note only a quick update and a Night Sight

The main problem Google is their focus on the camera. Consumers buying a smartphone, want to get not just a machine with a better camera, but a phone that is not worse than other flagships to cope with daily tasks. But this in Google while problems.

Most likely, in the Pixel 4, the company will correct all defects, as the design of the new generation, according to rumors, do the developers of HTC, which previously worked on Pixel 2.

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