Google pick up facebook and twitter and YouTube channels and blogs linked to Iran

قوقل تلتحق بفيسبوك وتويتر وتحذف قنوات يوتيوب ومدونات مرتبطة بإيران

The campaign continues by the social networks, for exposing campaigns of disinformation and influence on election campaigns in the United States, which became widely known after the recent elections.

In this context the facebook and twitter delete many of the accounts associated with each of Russia and Iran, over the past week. This has made Google to delete the 39 account on the YouTube platform linked to the Iranian regime.

As stated, the company’s vice president for Global Affairs, Kent Walker, to the police by the security team and the next team to analyze the threat level of the content, to identify one of the accounts and that broadcasts propaganda and campaigns the impact of targeting the United States, and public opinion there.

Has teamed up with Google with the company FireEye competent means of safety Online, Protection of the penetration in this regard. Has told Kent about the doom of the company for the 6 blogs running on the platform, as well as 13 account balance on its website, Google Plus, linked to the Iranian regime.

And Google of for quite some time to track campaigns analysis and visualization across networks, in addition to campaigns effectiveness, which are for the purpose of the policy, has warned the company also campaigns that look structured and targeted mail users G-mail.

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