Google Photos will now compiling similar images


Was the process of sorting images in the past is cumbersome, because you have to look at each image and assemble them yourself. If you do not enforce it and installed from time to time, you may end up with hundreds, if not thousands of images that will take you a very long time to sort them. These days technology has made it easier.

In fact, according to Android Police, noted that Google began to put up a new feature for Google users Photos, where are grouped the images together based on timing, and distortion. For example, if you are in a birthday party and reserved the array of images for the birthday boy cut the cake, will the Google Photos collect these pictures together and suggest also none of the images may be better.

Of course, ” better ” is subjective in this case, but as we have seen in the past, it has been the company Google uses machine learning technology to help computers to understand what we think we humans are images good. Obviously, you don’t need to take the suggestions of Google into account if you don’t like it, but for those who don’t cost themselves the trouble of sorting photos, this might be a quick and easy solution. It is not clear how widespread this feature, but stay tuned for it if you think it will be useful to you.



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